Space Mix Summer 2019

A mix with a lot of old records i didn´t play for a long time.

Digged them to add them all to my Discogs inventory…

Yah, some of the records i really forgot about, but i was more happy when they came back out of the shelf.

Listen here:

Classic mix with DJ Peabird and Jojo Hofmockel @ Bauhaus, LA

This mix is super old and super good. It was recorded at one of the 6 discoamore nights at the Bauhaus 10 years ago. I invited always some friends to join me on the wheels of steel. This time my friend DJ Peabird.

So this is one of the mixes i recorded in these days and i´ve to say this was the best night i did there. We played back to back for some hours and really enjoyed it.

take a listen!